one min·ute with BLOG[wən mi-nət 'wəth]

  • a collection of great interviews with great designers, developers, illustrators and creatives.

We are all building.

We’re building ideas. Building experiences. Building our legacy. Building something permanent, something solid, something that will outlive us. We’re building a tower. A tower full of our work, our ideas, our experiences and our aspirations. A tower full of us.

Everyone’s legacy – everyone’s tower – is different. Everyone builds different things, in different ways, with different outcomes. Different failures. Different successes. Different stories. And it’s those stories that fascinate me. They’re what shape the people we are, and the people we will become.

I initially started One Minute With as a site for quick, introductory interviews with amazing designers, illustrators and developers, but it quickly became evident that those people had bigger stories to tell. So I let those people tell those stories.

Yeah, but, um, who are you?

Good question. I’m Conor O’Driscoll, a designer, writer and question-maker-upper from Cork, Ireland. Sometimes, I tweet bad jokes, ill-informed opinions and links to awesome articles on Twitter. Other times, I post trendy, unoriginal, useless pixels on Dribbble. And sometimes I do neither of those things. But usually I do. You should join me.


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